Do we need to pay an admission fee or an annual fee ?
No, you do not need to pay both of them. They are totally free.
When and how do script creators get paid ?
When the case total earning is greater than 500JPY, creators can send the payment request by sending an email to info@juke.pink. This request should be done until 180 days since the last transaction. After sending the request, we will pay at the end of following month. (month-end closing with payment the following month) ※If it is the bank holiday on the payment day, the payment will be done on the next business day.
How can I cancel my membership of JUKE ?
Please let us know by sending the email. (info(at)juke.pink)
I would like to delete my exhibited data.
Please let us know by sending the email. (info(at)juke.pink)
How can I change the registered email address ?
You can change the email at the "SETTING" in the MENU.
I have forgot my password.
You can reset password by clicking the "Forget you password ?" at the login page.
When will JUKE point expire ?
After 180 days from the purchased day, JUKE points will expire.
I would like to return the purchased data.
We do not accept the return because of the characteristic of Download Product. However if you can not download the file or open the file, we will accept the refund of the point until 14 days from the purchased day after we have confirmed that the file is not available.
What kind of payment methods are available ?
So far, you can purchase the data by using JUKE points. You can purchase the JUKE points by using credit cards. Please follow the instruction shown after the login for purchasing JUKE point.
What is the uppler limit of the exhibited file ?
You can exhibit the file up to 3 MB. If you want to exhibit a larger file, please use the external uploader service to write its URL on .txt file to exhibit that .txt file.
The purchased script does not work.
Go to the "Purchase history"->"See Details", check the email address of its exhibitor, send the email to the exhibitor directly. If you still have trouble, please let us know. (info@juke.pink)
I cannot exhibit scripts.
We do not allow for users who did not verify their email address to exhibit script. Did you verify your email address? If not, you should do that by going to "SETTING" and "Change email address"(Same address is acceptable so that you can receive confirmation mail again.).