What is JUKE ?

Service Details

JUKE is the web marketplace specialized only for the script of sex toys.

Outright Purchase

You can support your favorite creater by outright purchases. No monthly purchases are required.

Many Types of Data

We support many types of coordinating data for sex toys.
Supported sex toys are following.
A10CyclonSA,U.F.O.SA, U.F.O.TW, Lovense Toys, The Handy, KEON, Fleshlight Launch, E-Stim, Buttplug-supported devices.

Patroling for Safe Transaction

We are patroling the exhibited scripts for the safe transactions.

Origin of JUKE

JUKE comes from the pronunciation of 19 (nineteen) in Japanese. In Japanese, 19 can be pronunced as "IKU".
IKU is used when Japanese gets orgasm. Though the words differ depending on the language when people get orgasm,
founder of JUKE, JUN hopes that people, all over the world, say "IKU " when they get orgasm by using JUKE service.
That is why this service is called as JUKE.